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NZ pools shine in awards

September 10, 2014
Carlos Morgan of Morgan Pools won the Residential over $100,000 category for this pool.

New Zealand Master Pool Builders announced the winners of the annual Pool Awards in September. These are photographic awards, so the appearance of the pool in the photo is crucial. Many high quality pools were well represented with quality imagery.

The highest score from the judges in each category is awarded a Double Gold Medal. Entries that are within 20 per cent of the highest score are awarded a Gold Medal. Silver and Bronze are also awarded.

Double Gold winners were:
Residential 1 to $50,000: K.Richmond
Residential 2 to $100,000: P.Fuller
Residential 3 over $100,000: C.Morgan
Commercial Pools: P.Fuller
Environment Pools: P.Fuller
Refurbished Pools: N.Runciman

Awards will be presented at the 2014 Annual General Meeting October 4, 2014

For the full list of winners go here.


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