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The ‘One & Only’ Circulator

June 13, 2014

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The Circulator distributed by Emaux Water Technology, with its award winning, patented design, is the Fastest Automatic Pool Heating and Chemical Distribution System. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market today!

This powerful, automatic, 360-degree rotating water jet gives the pools total circulation — replacing all fixed pool wall returns that only give you water flow to just a spot in one direction.

The patented Circulator has gained recognition for more than eight years, when it was developed and tested by a renowned NASA fluid engineer.

The latest technology in complete water circulation, the Circulator is revolutionizing the pool industry by replacing all fixed return fittings with thrusting water up to 4 metre in a circular motion, covering the entire pool. It virtually eliminates dead areas of no chemicals or cold spots, cloudy pool water and algae, with deep heating and energy savings as an added bonus. Suitable for Concrete, Fiberglass composite and vinyl liner pools.

For further information please contact:

Emaux Water Technology
47 Catalano Circuit, Canningvale 6155 WA
Tel: 08 94560333, Email: info@emaux.com.au


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