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Optomise chemical control

November 5, 2010

AstralPool’s new Opto-mizer is a compact electro mechanical device using electronically controlled optical technology that reads the chlorine level in a pool or spa in real time. Connected to a dosing system, this means perfect sanitisation levels, regardless of bather load or weather conditions.

So the pool owner will no longer need to adjust the chlorinator or chemical feeder for hot sunny days, unexpected pool parties or to suit the smaller volume of the spa pool.

The Opto-mizer senses and checks the water every 10 minutes, and using an industry standard DPD reagent, it measures the sanitiser in a simple to understand format (ppm).

It also saves money by turning off the chlorinator or chemical feeder when chlorine demand is satisfied, and protects finishes and equipment by ensuring excessive chlorine levels are not produced.

Installation is very easy, simply drill a hole and clamp the Opto-mizer to the pipework.

For more information go to www.astralpool.com.au or call (03) 9554 2200.



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