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Perth latest city in line for an Urbnsurf park

September 20, 2016
The Perth Urbnsurf surfing lagoon will feature Wavegarden wave generating technology
The Perth Urbnsurf surfing lagoon will feature Wavegarden wave generating technology

The Perth-based Wave Park Group has announced a formal proposal to the City of Melville in Perth to redevelop a 4.4 hectare site located at Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove into a world-class surfing destination.

This is the third planned Urbnsurf park following similar proposals for Sydney and Melbourne.

Located just 9 km south of the Perth CBD, and situated on the banks of the Swan River, the proposed site is situated in a 22 hectare sports and recreation precinct that currently caters to multiple field sports.

“Perth is blessed with a number of idyllic beaches, but the surf quality at those beaches is often poor, with overcrowding in the line-up also becoming an increasing issue,” says Wave Park group executive chairman Andrew Ross.

“Urbnsurf Perth will bring the beach to our backyards, by unlocking the geographic limitations of ocean based surfing. Surf park technology has progressed so quickly in recent years, and we are excited to be delivering the next generation of Wavegarden technology here in Perth – our home town”.

Value to Perth

Ross says the development will generate more than 300 jobs during the construction phase, and another 45 full time positions will be created in the surf park and its additional facilities, as well as injecting more than $250 million in gross economic contribution to the Perth region over the project life.

ABS data reveals that Perth’s surfing community, estimated to consist of over 100,000 persons, represent a greater number of participants than those that play cricket, both indoor and outdoor combined.

“Incredibly, there are over 300 AFL and cricket ovals in Perth, but not one dedicated facility for Perth’s thousands of wave starved surfers, with many beaches also closed to surfers for long periods of the year.”

The surfing lagoon will feature Wavegarden wave generating technology which delivers waves catering to a broad range of surfing abilities – from those just learning, right through to elite athletes, catering to their high performance training needs. Waves will range from up to 1.7m high, pitching waves, that are designed for the highest levels of performance surfing, down to 0.6m high, rolling white-water waves, which are ideal for beginner surfers.

Waves will form cleanly and break with constant power and shape throughout the ride, which will be the equivalent to riding high-quality, ocean-based waves of similar sizes.

As well as having amenities like a pro store, surf training academy, a licensed café and a function centre, Urbnsurf Perth will also be home to a climbing wall, parkour trail, skate course and other lifestyle sport opportunities.

Urbnsurf Perth has been orientated to suit the prevailing south-westerly sea breeze, optimising the potential for offshore conditions during most of the year. Advanced LED lagoon lighting systems will illuminate waves from under water making night surfing available.

Preliminary technical, environmental, and commercial feasibility studies for the proposed development have been completed, with a detailed business case to be delivered to the City of Melville in the coming week for its consideration. To advance the development, the proposal will first be subject to a public notice period allowing for community feedback, prior to a decision being made by the City of Melville to enter into leasing arrangements.

If a lease for the site is awarded by the City of Melville, it is anticipated that a development application would be lodged early 2017 and that development activity could commence in late 2017, with the first riders taking to the waves in late 2018.


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