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Piscine SPLASH! Asia signs up Asian waterpark expert

February 20, 2013
Sim Choo Kheng
Sim Choo Kheng

Sim Choo Kheng, founder and chief executive of international waterpark and theme park turnkey solution provider, Sim Leisure Group, will be presenting on the ethical and cultural issues that cause water safety problems in Asia at the upcoming Piscine SPLASH! Asia in Singapore this May.

During his 23-year experience in the leisure business, Sim has built a reputation for the unconventional and is well-known by industry players for his leading views of the industry.

His business is built on defying conformity and he has formed a unique insight of the industry through comparing global cultural and business viewpoints especially in emerging markets throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

His presentation “What Lurks Beneath the Surface” will look at a number of issues relevant to Asia, in particular the question that if waterparks and pools can get away without having qualified lifeguards, how can you expect them to maintain the standard of something so fundamental as water quality?

“How many serious illnesses or even deaths go unnoticed and un-investigated as a result of swimming in ‘dirty’ water? Shouldn’t swimming pool water be held to same quality standards as drinking water? Like it or not you will either drink it or it will find its way into your other orifices during your swim! Makes you think, doesn’t it?” he says.

Sim will use his unique knowledge of waterparks in cross-cultural emerging markets to explain the history and drivers behind this situation, exposing what lies beneath the surface. He says it will be a “no holds barred” honest look at the industry with humble suggestions of how improvements can be made and how the industry can do it right.

Piscine SPLASH Asia will be held in Singapore on May 20-21.


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