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Pool and spa heating sector agrees on standard reviews

February 27, 2019

Respected industry leaders have agreed to help formulate fact sheets so consumers can make better informed decisions regarding pool heating, while also committing to undertake revisions and new drafts of important standards relating to pool and spa heating.

The meeting was held at SPASA Australia’s Parramatta office and included representatives from all major heating segments: solar, gas, heat pump and pool covers. Several knowledgeable representatives signed up for the working groups.

Convener Spiros Dassakis led the meeting by outlining the fact that a previous industry initiative on this topic had stalled in 2014 – despite considerable investment in time and energy from industry members. He says industry can’t afford to let this initiative stall again – it’s critical for industry to take the lead.

He says that he has been receiving more communication from regulators on this topic than ever before.

“We can’t simply sit back. We’re at the crossroads now it is likely the industry will have imposts placed on it by government or regulators, local and national,” he says.

The first agreed action is the formulation of fact sheets, providing clarity for consumers and industry on the different types of pool and spa heating. This document will have a level of technicality but won’t be a technical document such as a standard – but will identify minimum industry benchmarks.

Following this will be revisions of existing standards for solar pool heating, including materials and collectors, and looking at new standards for pool covers, heat pumps and gas heating in relation to the swimming pool and spa industry.

If more industry members are keen to participate in an active and meaningful way, Dassakis says they are welcome to contribute. For more information contact



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