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Pool Chemical Tips: Start the season with a smile

September 24, 2017

Get the season off to a flying start by offering your clients a pre-season pool audit.

Last season we assisted our shops in designing and promoting a filter clean program. All shops and servicemen who took it up reported great success with many achieving up to a 60 per cent hit rate, generating many thousands of dollars in extra revenue in just one month.

September is the ideal month to offer a pre-season safety check. Include fences, gates, signage, equipment and offer a filter clean or media change. Check the pool cleaner for wear and tear and replace any parts or hoses.

This can become part of your annual pool summer preparation which should of course include water balance and general pool clean and maintenance. Look at new technology available from your suppliers and consider if any of your clients may benefit from upgrading.

It’s also the time to review your pool maintenance contracts with your customers and consider if your prices and services need updating.

These tips are supplied by pool industry pioneer and chemistry expert David Lloyd. For more information on this or any other technical enquiries call International Quadratics on (02) 9774 5550.




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