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Pool heating sector to take control of destiny with upcoming meeting

February 13, 2019

At the request of members, SPASA is holding an Industry Pool Heating Sector Meeting to discuss, investigate and agree an action plan on how we should proceed with Australian Standards and/or other regulator and best practice approaches.

Additionally, participants will be given the opportunity to discuss Australia’s energy and water crisis landscape and discuss ways the heating sector can better prepare, promote and be held to a minimum benchmark as opposed to being forcibly regulated by government.

“Australia faces sizeable water and energy challenges into the future due to the combination of rapidly growing population, increasing energy base loads and increasingly unreliable rainfall patterns due to climatic uncertainty,” says SPASA COO Spiros Dassakis.

He says these challenges dictate that all industries must play their part in ensuring that products, designs and construction practices are in line or exceed governmental and consumer expectations.

“Understanding how best to optimise the use of water and energy is critical for our industry, our businesses and policy-makers. The risks for the industry are too great to stay out of the policy debate. We can no longer afford to disregard appropriate representation which may influence governmental policy regulators,” he says.

He says that while the Australian swimming pool industry will ultimately mould itself to the needs of consumers, government and regulations, it will be made easier if we remain in control of our own destiny.

“This meeting is our opportunity.”

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Friday, 22 February 2019 (day before Sydney Pool & Spa Expo) 2.00pm
SPASA Office – 1/33 Daking Street, North Parramatta 2151 NSW

Energy and Water Landscape
1. Regulator Intervention
2. Marketing Claims
3. Minimum Benchmarks

Australian Standards
1. Solar Heating
• AS3634 Solar Heating Systems for Swimming Pools
• AS2369.1 Material for Solar Collectors for Swimming Pool Heating (Rubber Materials)
• AS2369.2 – Materials for Solar Collectors for Swimming Pool Heating (Flexible or Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride)
2. Pool Covers for Swimming Pools and Spas
3. Gas Heating for Swimming Pools and Spas
4. Heat Pump for Swimming Pools and Spas

National Construction Code (NCC)
Volume 1: Part J7 Heated Water Supply and Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Plant
Volume 2: Swimming pool heating and pumping & Spa pool heating and pumping
Climate Care Certified
1. Incorporate Climate Care Certified Program as an “industry best practice” position
2. Agree Criteria – Pool Covers/Heat Pumps/Gas etc
3. Fact Sheets


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