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Poolrite gets new name in revamp

February 23, 2011

Poolrite Equipment Pty Ltd has changed its company name to Intercolonial SPA Pty Ltd. The acronym stands for Salus Per Aquam or “Health Through Water”. Poolrite Equipment was founded in 1978 and has since evolved from a simple business model of creating quality locally manufactured products for the Australian market to a focus on developing world leading products for environmental sustainability.

Poolrite will remain as a brand under Intercolonial SPA Pty Ltd

Magnapool, Poolrite, Poolrite Research and Aquarius Technologies will remain as brands under Intercolonial SPA Pty Ltd (ISPA). The Poolrite range of products will keep its traditional green and gold logo as it has a long history in Australia and will represent the company’s traditional brands and new distribution agreements. Ownership and existing relationships are unchanged.

Intercolonial SPA operates branches in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, North Queensland and Western Australia with owned subsidiaries in New Zealand and France while exporting to more than 23 countries worldwide.
As part of the company restructure, Brad Richey has been appointed Intercolonial SPA’s Chief Operating Officer for Australasia.
For more information on the changes to Poolrite, see the February/March printed issue of SPLASH!, due to publish March 1.


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