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PreCut pool covers

March 23, 2011

Solar covers are becoming compulsory around the country, but some people still have problems waiting for the cover to be measured, cut and installed.

Now, PreCut technology from Daisy is going to make that a lot easier – especially for fibreglass pools, where covers matching a particular shape can be kept in stock.
Anyone will be able to unpack, lay out the cover and connect it to a roller. That means there is no subsequent visit just to install the cover – a considerable saving of labour and travel.
Derek Prince from Daisy says that it’s got to be a winner for pool manufacturers. “At least some of them have told us so and have been hanging out for the Daisy PreCut release,” he says.  
“We can envisage that in the future a pool owner will walk into any pool shop and, for example, ask for a Number 7 Las Vegas cover that is out of production. Eventually we will have many pool shape designs on record and they can be cut to fit exactly without the assistance of an installation specialist.”
For more information go to www.daisypoolcovers.com.au.


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