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Queensland pool owners to save on energy bills

September 21, 2011

The Queensland Government is helping pool owners connect to cheaper tariffs and buy multi-speed or variable drive pool pumps.

The Pool Pump Energy Efficiency Program (PPEEP) offers incentives to residential pool owners to assist in connecting their pool pump to the cheaper Tariff 33 via a standard socket or, if not suitable, install a more energy efficient variable or multi-speed drive pool pump system.

Queensland Minister for Energy Stephen Robertson says both options could bring about significant savings to the electricity costs associated with running a pool while also helping to tackle peak demand.

“Under the program, Ergon Energy customers can receive up to $350 for connecting pool pumps to Tariff 33 electricity via a standard power point,” he says.

“Alternatively, an incentive payment of $250 is available to pool owners who purchase a variable or multi-speed drive pool pump, which must be at least 60 per cent more energy efficient than standard fixed-speed pool pumps.”

Robertson says the incentive program has been introduced to coincide with recent changes which allow pool filtration systems to be connected to Tariff 33 via a standard power point.

“Previously, pool pumps had to be hardwired to Tariff 33, making repairs done by a licensed electrician an expensive exercise,” he says. “The introduction of the new reforms should now prompt many pool owners to review how their pool pump is set up.

“About 95 per cent of the 10,000 new pools built in Queensland each year are connected to the continuous supply Tariff 11, which can cost a household about $550 a year in electricity to run. Connecting to off-peak Tariff 33 reduces electricity costs, providing typical savings of over $235 a year.”

Robertson says peak electricity demand (generally 4pm to 8pm each day) is a key driver of network infrastructure upgrades and associated increases in electricity prices.

“The introduction of these new changes to pool pumps will help ensure peak demand is managed more efficiently by taking pressure off the grid,” he says.

There is more on this story in the October-November 2011 printed issue of SPLASH!

For more information about Ergon Energy’s Pool Pump Energy Efficiency Program and how to take part visit or phone 13 10 46.

To learn more about the State Government’s new pool pump reforms go to the Office of Clean Energy’s website


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