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Recall of lock striker for key lockable pool gate latches

April 11, 2018
The G8 Safe latch

SafeTech Hardware Australia is voluntarily recalling the striker component of their key lockable pool gate latches.

SafeTech Hardware is the intellectual property holder for SafeTech and G8Safe branded key lockable pool gate latches, with G8Safe being a product distributed through Bunnings.

The recall addresses issues with the striker component rather than the latch itself, which could result in the gate being locked in the open position when an unusually high force is used to turn the key.

Consumers are being advised to remove the key from the key lock mechanism, fill the key hole with a waterproof glue, and phone 1300 034 096 to discuss their replacement options.

As part of SafeTech Hardware’s commitment to water safety and resolving this issue quickly, a recall notice has been published and shared by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Detailed information about the recall and replacement options for consumers is available on the SafeTech Hardware and G8Safe websites. A recall advertisement has been published in major newspapers, and advice and support provided to partners, affiliates, suppliers and distributors. SafeTech Hardware says consumer safety is always the priority.

List of affected products:
• SafeTech Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
• G8Safe Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
• SafeTech TriLatch (Key Lockable)
• G8Safe TriLatch (Key Lockable)

These products are also available for purchase as part of the following kits:
• SafeTech Trade Packs (Key Lockable)
• G8Safe Megapack (Key Lockable)



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