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Rob Anderson, former Pool Poppits owner, passes away

November 4, 2020

Sadly, the former owner and general manager of Pool & Spa Poppits, Rob Anderson, has passed away.

He had spent nearly 50 years in the chemical sector. Prior to purchasing the Pool & Spa Poppits business in 2002, he worked for WJ Manufacturing in Sydney for two years, spent 26 years with the Dow Chemical Company (where he worked across 16 countries in sales and marketing), and 10 years with Calman in sales and general management.

Over the course of his career, he worked hard to promote healthy alternatives to chlorine in the pool and spa industry, was passionate about protecting people from things that can harm their health, and was particularly concerned about addressing issues around asthma and allergies. He had also served on the SPASA Vic board.

Waterco acquired Pool & Spa Poppits in 2012, and Anderson stepped down from his management role in early 2014 to spend more time with his wife Judy and his children and grandchildren, in addition to doing some travel, and reconnecting with his local community.

SPLASH! offers sincere condolences to friends and family.

IMAGE: Rob and Judy Anderson


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