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Save the date to check your pool fence: October 1

September 20, 2017

Kidsafe’s national Save the Date campaign calls on all pool and spa owners to sign up to Kidsafe’s “Pool Party” event on Facebook and pledge to check the safety of their pool or spa barrier when they change their clocks at the beginning of daylight saving time on Sunday October 1.

Former Olympian Matt Welsh OAM has joined Kidsafe Australia to help save lives over summer at the launch.

SPASA Victoria is collaborating with Kidsafe and this year has financially committed to help fund this vital annual safety check program. SPASA Victoria is strongly of the view that inspections of pool and spa barriers should be mandatory in Victoria.

“Pool and spa barrier inspections are currently mandatory in only three states – NSW, QLD and WA. Since the introduction of mandatory inspections in WA in 1992, there has been an 80% reduction in the rate of toddler drownings,”says SPASA Victoria CEO Brendan Watkins.

While safety barriers can be effective in reducing the risk of drowning incidents, evidence suggests that a large number of drowning deaths are the result of barriers that are faulty, or non-compliant with Australian standards.

“Common faults or non-compliance issues include gates and doors that are no longer self-closing or latching, gates that are propped open and climbable objects near the barrier,” says Kidsafe Ambassador Matt Welsh.

“There is no better use of 15 minutes of your time than checking the safety of your pool barrier in preparation for the warm summer months ahead. By doing so, you could save a life.”

This October 1st, take 15 minutes to check the safety of your pool barrier – because Safe Barriers Save Lives.

For further information on the campaign, please visit and to find out more about pool and spa barrier regulations in Victoria visit


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