Residential Pools and Spas

Sign the declaration and keep the pool and spa industry at work

March 30, 2020

Pool and spa businesses have an important role to play in this current crisis to help keep their clients healthy by properly maintaining their swimming pools and spas, and keeping their construction projects safely advancing.

Of course, everyone in the industry must abide by the social distancing and strict hygiene rules put in place by the government. This is not only for the good of the workers and clients, but for the whole industry and the broader community.

Pool and spa businesses are viewed as professional, responsible and trusted to work unsupervised in backyards – and it is important that the government continues to appreciate the role of pool and spa businesses and the place of trust they have in the community.

To that end, SPASA has asked industry members to formalise current practice by signing a declaration that they will abide by government requirements such as social distancing, strict hygienic processes and contact-free construction, retail and service.

Not only will the declaration help maintain clients’ faith in the industry; it will also present industry members as responsible businesses to government in this time of crisis. That will considerably aid in SPASA’s lobbying endeavours to ensure the businesses stay open and continue to be able to service swimming pools and spas, and complete construction projects.

Click here to sign the declaration.

It takes less than a minute to read and sign.

SPASA will compile the declarations and use them to help lobby local, state and federal governments so that they are fully aware of the essential services the swimming pool and spa industry provides to the community at this crucial time.



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