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Spa Quip 1200 and 800 spa controllers recalled

April 15, 2022

Some Spa Quip 800 and 1200 spa controllers have been recalled.

Davey Water Products Pty Ltd is voluntarily recalling its Spa Quip 800 and 1200 model controllers. The impacted controllers were sold in Australia through pool and spa retailers, spa builders and spa service providers from 2005 to 2008 and used in small to medium-sized spas and swim-spas.

Which models are affected?
Only the following 800 and 1200 models of the Spa Quip controllers are affected:
Q800-30; Q800-30LAN; Q800-30R
Q1200-35; Q1200-35R; Q1200-45; Q1200-45R; Q1200-60

This recall only impacts Spa Quip controllers manufactured before February 2008 identified by serial numbers as described in the Product Recall Notice. This does not impact any Davey branded controllers. Davey’s last sale of the controllers was mid 2008 indicating they may be present in spas manufactured or repaired between 2005 and 2009. Given their ~ 10-year lifespan, any Spa Quip controller from this period may have already been replaced. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, and to uphold its high standards of safety and quality, Davey has initiated this recall.

Why is Davey taking action?
The controller has a flexible socket which means it is possible for an AMP plug to be forcibly connected to the controller upside-down. This may cause the plugged-in device or parts touching the plugged-in device to become live. This creates the risk of electric shock which can cause serious injury or death. There has been a single fatality associated with this product where a spa owner was working on a spa which was not fitted with a residual current device and which was not properly earthed.

What action is being taken?
Davey has set up a fast and free remediation service for the affected products. This involves, for all consumers who present in respect of the recall, replacement with an equivalent Davey controller. The removal, replacement and installation of the controller will be undertaken by Davey (or its Qualified Service Partners who are qualified to install the device). The costs for this remediation service will be borne by Davey.

For more information:

Phone: 1300 232 839 extension 9

CAPTION: Spa Quip 1200 Controller and Spa Quip 800 Controller

Meanwhile, SPASA Australia is developing a Prefabricated Spa Pool Compliance Guide for Industry, which will be published in the coming weeks after extensive industry consultation.



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