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Spa Tech Tip: Modernising older spas

May 23, 2018

While pumps, blowers and lighting can mostly be re-used, many older spas have discontinued control systems, meaning a repair will require wholesale replacement of the existing touchpad, control box and heating system.

There are numerous makes and models of control systems available for retrofit: basic models generally offer limited additional operation to the prior control system but are at an entry level price; while premium models can offer greater economy and ease of operation.

Promote the new technology

There is much to be gained in promoting the latest technology to your customer. On offer from most equipment brands are colour touchpads, including touchscreen models, and also wifi modules for worldwide control via smartphone.

While this high end equipment won’t suit all customers, it will suit and can be promoted to those customers who use their spa irregularly or infrequently; or simply want the best!

The advantage for these customers is that the advanced technology in the upper model systems allows for economic running and isolated control of heating to enable features such as automated heating on weekends only or access to turn the heater up from work a couple of hours prior to going home.

This technology is not only the most advanced in the industry, but also enables the greatest economy of operation for spas that are not being used multiple times per week by running cooler until required.

These tips come from Adrian Lacy of Australian Spa Parts. For more information contact technical support at 1300 736 025.


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