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Spa Tech Tip: Polyspun filters

September 2, 2017

Since 2000, many spas have included Polyspun filter cartridges and low micron bags to offer finer filtration. Often, the low micron filter is used just on the circulation pump; sometimes on all pumps.

In all cases these types of filters are designed as a throw-away filter as they’re near impossible to clean or they break down rapidly.

Unfortunately most spa owners are unaware that a 3-12 month lifespan is all these filters have.

Because some of these cartridges and bags filter down as fine as one micron, it’s critical the following is done for maximising filter life and water quality:

1. Never use clarifiers – clarifiers will choke these filters immediately and they can never recover. Because they filter so fine, they are in effect the clarifier.
2. Do not replace when refilling the spa. Replace one week later so that impurities in the water supply are filtered out into the old filter. The new filter starts off with clean water and can effectively double its normal lifespan.
3. Encourage the spa owner to purchase and stock a minimum of 12-month supply of these filters so they don’t feel they are constantly replacing them – this leads to over-extension of their use and potential equipment failure.

For more information contact technical support at Australian Spa Parts on 1300 736 025.


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