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Spa tip: efficient spa plumbing

July 1, 2020

By Adrian Lacy of Spatex

In order to achieve maximum performance from spa jet pumps, it’s important to ensure optimal plumbing configuration.

All pipework should be as short and straight as possible, both to and from the pump. Pipes need to be correctly sized for the flow, elbows and fittings kept to a minimum. Where possible, use sweep fittings or flexible pipe/hose to limit harsh elbows.

Align the pump wet end to suit the pipework approach for the suction, ensuring a minimum of approximately 400mm straight pipe entering the pump suction – this has a dramatic effect on pump capability.

The wet end of most modern performance spa pumps can be easily rotated 90 degrees (some every 45 degrees) which may help in reduction of fittings to divert the plumbing towards the jet manifold.

Position the manifold centrally to the spa jets attempting to keep all jet lines of similar length from the manifold.

Avoid plumbing restrictions by maintaining the same pipe size and minimising pipe fittings.

For low flow circulation pumps it’s important to ensure there are minimal restrictions in both suction and return lines due to the low head nature of their operation. Often, flow error related issues are a result of plumbing design.



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