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Spa tip: October is spa heater element month

October 24, 2018

October is “spa heater element” month.

Every October more than double the elements are sold compared to any other month.

This is probably caused by the fact that most spa owners don’t use their spas through the winter months and many actually shut it down, falsely assuming that a drained spa requires no maintenance.

Unfortunately, any imbalanced water/moisture in the pipes continues its corrosive effect during this time, particularly on electric heater elements.

Ideally, portable spas should never be left empty or turned off. But if the spa owner wants to do so, its best to ensure the water is perfectly in balance with minimal sanitiser remaining prior to draining. The heater and pumps should be physically removed from the plumbing and drained/flushed with fresh water, and left disconnected from the plumbing.

If that precaution is taken, then seals may need to be inspected and replaced prior to re-installation, but the heating element is likely to survive.

These tips come from Adrian Lacy of Spatex. For more information contact technical support at 1300 772 839



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