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SPASA buys Brisbane expo and evolves consumer branding

August 25, 2021

SPASA Australia has bought Queensland’s Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo from Australasian Exhibitions & Events (AEE).

The addition of the Brisbane event takes to five the number of consumer expos under the SPASA umbrella, with the other events in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland.

Following the acquisition, the events will now have the consistent branding of Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo in each state. The incorporation of Lifestyle in the title is seen as a good fit for the brand’s future growth.

SPASA CEO Lindsay McGrath says the expanded footprint will allow SPASA to improve the scale and efficiency of their yearly media investment and expand their reach to more households.

“Our exhibitors and consumer attendees will receive a more coherent and positive experience across our events,” he says.

The management of the Brisbane expo will continue under AEE for consistency in the support to the exhibitors. Managing director Noel Gray says AEE has had an excellent working relationship with SPASA for many years.

“We see the purchase as a logical step for the industry, and will help to further develop the show,” says Gray. “I would like to thank the board, Lindsay and team for making Vee and I feel welcome and part of the SPASA family.”

The next consumer events under the brand are:
February 4-6, 2022: Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo Victoria
February 26-27, 2022: Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo NSW
March 26-27, 2022: Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo SA
April 29 – May 1: Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo New Zealand
May 28-29: Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo Queensland

Pool & Spa brand

Pool & Spa Enhancing Outdoor Living magazine

Meanwhile, SPASA’s consumer publications have also been brought under a single brand with the drawing together of two titles under the Pool & Spa masthead.

The Pool & Spa brand captures the Choosing Your Pool & Spa magazine featuring the yearly awards of excellence and the Pool & Spa Enhancing Outdoor Living magazine, which is the next step in the evolution of Pool and Spa Review which was purchased by SPASA in 2019 as Pool + Spa.

Both magazines are published in print and digitally, and are distributed through the Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expos and SPASA Members.

McGrath says the evolution has enabled all consumer media and consumer face-to-face events to be focussed under the Pool & Spa brand with the aim of increasing consumer awareness of the industry, while the trade media and trade face-to-face offerings are focussed under the SPLASH! brand.

The changes include a new consumer friendly website and expanded social media presence, all promoting the pool and spa lifestyle.

Chairman Stefan Ossenberg says the purchase of the Brisbane expo is the next strategic step in expanding SPASA’s service capabilities.

“This is an execution of our published strategy to promote and grow the pool and spa industry,” says Ossenberg.

Choosing Your Pool & Spa magazine

“Previous successful mergers and acquisitions such as the SPLASH! magazine and trade expo, PASCAA and Pool +Spa Review have led to this point where the association can better impact the public and community at large,” he says.

“SPASA’s value to members and the wider industry has grown double digits each of the last five years with Lindsay at the helm. SPASA is focused on our purpose delivering a better and happier and healthier community through the 2025 industry growth project. The SPASA staff have shown dedication to continual improvement, enhanced technology capabilities and commitment to leadership and we are excited to see this transformational change take place.”

The new consumer focussed website hosts information for existing and prospective pool and spa owners including advice and where to find a provider, as well as the details of all the shows and magazines.



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