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SPASA New Zealand appoints general manager

February 24, 2021

SPASA New Zealand now has a general manager with the appointment of Jonty Mills, who will be based out of Wellington.

A born and bred Kiwi, Mills was CEO of member-based organisation Water Safety New Zealand for the previous five years, preceded by a lengthy career in the private sector. He has a wealth of leadership and advocacy experience across diverse stakeholder and membership groups.

“There were a lot of synergies between my work at Water Safety New Zealand and that of SPASA,” he says. “And a lot of focus on leadership and advocacy, membership, education and policy.”

Describing himself as fundamentally about people and partnerships, Mills has a specialist background in commercial business, communications and relationship management across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

CEO Lindsay McGrath says SPASA is delivering on its promise to invest in New Zealand.

“There is no better investment than the talent Jonty brings,” he says. “We are very excited in this next stage of our growth and promotion of the pool and spa industry in New Zealand.

“The synergy between Jonty’s work at Water Safety New Zealand and that of SPASA is strongly aligned.”

Mills says it is a great time to be joining SPASA as it delivers on its commitment to invest and grow across all facets of the New Zealand industry. He is looking forward to being on the ground and working with existing and prospective members, as well as all industry partners.

“The opportunities in New Zealand for a strong and united industry are exciting for both existing and new members, as well as the wider community,” he says.

To learn a little more about Jonty Mills, tune in to the podcast Trendy Predictions.

SPASA name spreads across the Tasman

Meanwhile, as part of its expansion into New Zealand, SPASA Australia has registered the trademark for the acronym “SPASA”.

“While the business name across the Tasman remains the Pool and Spa Association Ltd, the company will now be trading as SPASA New Zealand,” says Lindsay McGrath.

“This will provide consistent branding for promotion, marketing and advocacy for SPASA and its members in both Australia and New Zealand.”


CAPTION: Jonty Mills, SPASA New Zealand general manager



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