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SPASA Queensland changes insurer

July 2, 2013

SPASA Queensland advises that the previous insurer of its WaterWorks Scheme, SRS Underwriting, has a new owner and is no longer offering terms for this product.

The new insurer providing cover for the WaterWorks scheme is Mecon Winsure Insurance Group Pty Ltd. This follows an extensive search by SPASA’s broker, Commercial and General Insurance Brokers.

There has been no change to the premium however some excess payments (deductibles) have increased.

SPASA has informed their members to review the relevant documents and ensure the policy meets their needs:

WaterWorks Policy Information Document

WaterWorks Schedule of Cover and Deductibles.

For further information contact the broker on (07) 3357 1235.

Recently,Compass dealer collapsed with 70 pools unfinished, and the SPASA scheme was called in to assist completion of the pools.

Meanwhile, the Queensland Government is considering bringing swimming pools under the Home Warranty Scheme.


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