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SPASA responds to NSW Fair Trading reforms

August 29, 2018

Following the release of NSW Fair Trading’s consultation paper, SPASA Australia has responded to elements pertinent to the swimming pool and spa industry.

The SPASA Submission on the Easy and Transparent Trading Consultation Paper is available here.

The four most pertinent items are that SPASA:
• Rejects the removal of licensing for Fencing, Glazing and Paving
• Advocates to remove Owner- Builder licensing
• Supports more focus and the expansion of mandatory CPD program
• Recommends the Security of Payment Act be expanded to include homeowners

In the introduction to the document SPASA says:

“The swimming pool and spa industry in NSW is directly affected by the operation of occupational and business licensing requirements.

“SPASA’s position is to support the operation of an appropriate licensing framework for the swimming pool and spa and broader industries. The ultimate key is for the framework to be set at a reasonable level to achieve the intended consumer and safety outcomes and avoid risks associated with ‘unqualified’ persons or organisations undertaking work.

“Licensing should minimise risks by ensuring that people who perform work which is critical to safety have as a minimum achieved a certain standard of technical skills. When any building or associated work is done badly then it has the potential to cause significant harm to people and/or costs to property.

“In considering the effects of red tape on licensing there is, in SPASA’s view, a need to rethink the concept that by removing licensing that it will result in the positive removal of red tape.

“Whilst this may be the case in some instances, it can never be acceptable in situations where licensing relates to work which is critical to marinating and improving safety outcomes in and around swimming pools and spa environments.”


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