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SPASA Vic drops name and rebrands as MPBAA

September 9, 2021

SPASA Victoria, which had been trading as SPASAVic, has dropped its brand name and relaunched as the Master Pool Builders Association Australia (MPBAA).

MPBAA CEO Chris Samartzis said in the explanatory video that the reason they dropped the highly recognisable SPASA brand name was because they felt it was being diluted.

The rebrand includes a new mission statement: Making pool builders’ lives easier and businesses better by leveraging our experience and innovation.

This sharper focus on residential pool building sends a clear signal to other sectors of the pool and spa industry.

“This decision has been 18 months in the making and is part of the evolutionary process of our organisation and industry,” MPBAA said in a statement.

“After a range of feedback and external consultant reviews, it became evident that our industry was looking for and needed a focused body to cater to the growing demand within our sector. Now more than ever it has become imperative for consumers to connect with a trusted and respected brand as they embrace their love affair with the Australian backyard pool,” the statement reads.

“An Australian Master Pool Builder embraces quality in all aspects of their business. They take pride not only in their workmanship but in their values of integrity, ingenuity, and mastery,” Samartzis was quoted as saying in the statement.

The new brand also replaces the state-based Vic name with Australia, supporting the new business model of: “A national federated model where independence can thrive and give each state focused attention for their own individual need whilst having a national footprint to cater to national issues as they arise.”

SPASA Australia’s CEO Lindsay McGrath when questioned congratulated SPASAVic’s announcement on their name change to MPBAA and the clear definition on their mission and who they represent.

“SPASA Australia will remain focused on our published strategic plan – on the promotion, protection and growth of the industry. We are dedicated to an inclusive culture supporting all member sectors and regions in Australia and New Zealand.”

SPLASH! contacted the MPBAA for comment but had not heard back at the time of writing.

Disclosure: SPASA Australia is the owner of the SPLASH! brand including this masthead.


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