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December 21, 2016

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It includes recent developments on natural pools, new ideas for hydrotherapy and a couple of stories on Australian manufacturing, as well as plenty of other informative features, great products and latest news.

New ways to go natural
Recent developments in natural biological pools in Australia have led to their greater acceptance and an easier experience for both consumers and builders.

Aquatic pain relief spreading globally
Alan Lewis looks at the new aquatic therapy of AquaStretch, and sees how it is helping people with chronic pain in several countries.

A vote of confidence in Australian manufacturing
AstralPool Australia has opened the world’s fourth largest swimming pool equipment factory in Melbourne – a high tech, energy efficient, state-of-the-art facility.

Is sulphuric acid really the cause of delamination?
Cal Stanley looks delamination and questions the popular wisdom that blames it on the use of sulphuric acid as a pH controller.

Pentair’s global marketing chief offers industry insights
In the first of a series of interviews recorded at SPLASH! 2016, Carlos Del Amo talks about the post-GFC recovery, eco product marketing and South East Asia.

Active instore display shows rather than tells
Zodiac’s trade marketing manager Peter Kolomyjec has developed an in-store display that is helping consumers understand plant room components.

Family power keeps solar company surging ahead
Boss Solar is a small family owned and run business with plans to take on the world from their innovative Melbourne factory.

A question of standards
Tintometer explains the importance of adhering to international standards for DPD reagents.

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