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June 1, 2018

The latest digital issue of SPLASH! is live  – click to view.

As well as the informative news items and product information, this issue has many features and some great information on protecting your business through proper compliance, using geothermal power to heat swimming pools, and how to build pools for rich clients.

Features include:

Protecting your business through proper compliance

As the swimming pool and spa industry becomes more professional, it is also facing increased scrutiny from regulators and an increased risk of litigation from aggrieved customers. Ensuring compliance with relevant codes has never been more important.

TV kings sharing the love of pools

Father and son pool building team Kyle and Justin Peek are better known throughout the US as the Pool Kings, courtesy of the reality TV show of the same name. It is a highly entertaining and informative look at pool building, encouraging swimming pool ownership while showcasing innovative pool designs.

Using the Earth’s heat

The most unusual aspect of the impressive new Scarborough Beach Pool in Perth is that it is heated via a geothermal aquifer. The geothermal project minimises the environmental footprint by pumping water from the Yarragadee aquifer in a closed loop, using its natural heat to maintain the pools’ temperature.

Revisiting the top end of town

Cal Stanley has a cautionary tale for builders whose glorious websites are adorned with glamourous pools, while the builders themselves are not experienced enough to undertake such work. He looks closely at one particular example.

Now it’s a pool; now it’s a flower garden

This innovative solution is a movable flowerbed that also serves as a pool cover, secreting the pool under the garden, while revealing the adjacent koi pond. Having a high thermal mass it is an excellent cover, and also a unique addition to the outdoor space.

The digital version of this issue will be online three weeks after the print issue is published.

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