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Read the digital version of SPLASH! 112

July 12, 2017

The digital issue 112 of SPLASH! is out now. Among the many features it includes stories on spas and saunas, waterpark maintenance, splash parks and tax tips, together with all the latest news and most exciting new products.


Tax tips for pool and spa businesses
Mark Chapman explains the ins and outs of the current tax regime for the benefit of small and medium businesses in the pool and spa industry.

The health asset of spas and saunas
Izzy Grace looks at spas and discovers they are actually great investments in health and well-being, and also learns about the latest sauna and spa features.

Spraying the fun all around
Spray parks and splash pads are gaining popularity for the reason they are a relatively simple way to add instant fun for younger kids in a safe environment.

Waterpark maintenance in the Arab world
Gary Pogharian talks about his experiences managing the maintenance of two of the biggest waterparks in the Middle East.

The public pool code unique to Western Australia
When building or designing public pools in WA you should know about the state’s very comprehensive mandatory Code of Practice.

The pool at the heart of Australia’s best hotel
The rooftop pool is a great feature of Perth hotel Como, The Treasury, recently rated by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler as the best hotel in Australia and the second best in the world.

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