Tips for Reopening your facility

October 9, 2020

Starting up your facility again can take a few days. In Victoria our facilities have been closed for several months and to ensure you open your doors adhering to government protocols and for the safe participation of all your clients we have put together a few tips to get you on your way.

  • Disinfect and clean all surfaces
  • Return the filtration system to its original run time 24/7
  • Check filters and pump baskets and clean if required.
  • Return the dosing system to its original state of operation, increase set point levels and outputs.
  • Reinstate heating systems
  • Reinstate the SDS if required
  • Remove the blanket and allow the pool to ‘breathe’
  • Test the pool water and balance if required

We strongly recommend starting the pool at least a week before use in case any potential maintenance issues arise.

Over the coming weeks with restrictions easing, we expect a massive increase in service calls to fix equipment that has literally been turned off, potentially for months. It’s a good idea to run each piece of equipment (pumps, heaters, filters, Dosing systems, chemical pumps etc) to ensure there isn’t a bottle-neck of service calls needed when things are turned back on.

Use the time productively if your funds allow, by thinking of the following maintenance items that are normally difficult to achieve when the pool is in use:

  • Seal and bearing replacement on pumps
  • Filtration media replacement for sand/glass/zeolite filters
  • Palintest/Lovibond/Spin photometer annual service and calibration
  • Heater servicing

This guide is general advice and needs to be stressed that there is not one quick fix for all pools. Working in the commercial aquatic sector, we see facilities from a spa in a hotel right up to a 2 million litre pool in a council aquatic center or university.

For ways to provide the safest space possible for your patrons and staff, please contact us.

Phone: 1300 897 200


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