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Evo lights

November 7, 2012

Aqua-Quip, manufacturer and national supplier to the pool industry has released its much anticipated EvoFG LED Pool Light targeted at the fibreglass and vinyl pool market.

EvoFG continues the highly successful trend in LED lighting technology that has set its Evo2 Flush Mounted Lights and its newer QC Series Surface Mounted Lights for concrete pools as the market leaders.

EvoFG Flush Mounted Lights for fibreglass pools install into a 60mm hole and include a quick-connect cable assembly for easy installation.

The Australian-made EvoFG comes in fixed colours of white, blue or green or the multi-colour option which allows users to determine their choice of colour using the innovative Colour Palette Selection mode or Feature Modes like Colour Scroll – the light colours scroll through the colour spectrum; Seaside Colour Scroll – ocean water colours; Fast Flash or Slow Flash.

For more information see www.aquaquip.com.au or phone 02 9643 8338.


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