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Swimming in deep water

March 12, 2013

It’s summer
time and most people like to go to swim in a pool or in the ocean, lakes and
beaches are also particularly crowded in this period of the year. Recently, a
survey showed that many children can swim today, while a few decades ago it was

Swimming is
not only a sport but also a good physical activity for everyone. It’s relaxing
and can help get self confidence. Swimming is also a good therapy for those
people who got injured or for handicapped people. There’s always something that
wakes up our link to the water, which is after all the first element of Nature
we got to know before to be born.

Swimming tips

First off,
don’t be scared: deep water is not an enemy. All depends from how much you feel
comfortable with water. So, just relax and let go of your fears. Having another
person with you who is a good swimmer
will surely help you if anything.

Another important
thing to remember is to never start to swim in moving water. You need to get
comfortable, so from time to time hold on a side of the pool and let your legs
freely float. You will find this to be very relaxing and easy to do.

Deep waters
can scare a lot. We tend to breath and move our arms and legs in a convulsive
way. This is wrong! Try to lie back and let the water keeping you floating. No matter
how deep it is, you will relax.

It is
important to learn how to dive because they can help you a lot to start a
stroke. Of course, you will approach more advanced swimming techniques gradually
as you go. It’s very much like playing,
at first you need to practice and get familiar and then you’ll be able to go on
your own.


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