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Swimming pool heating sector update

June 19, 2019

Heating sector industry leaders are formulating consumer fact sheets so consumers can make better informed decisions regarding pool heating, while also committing to undertaking revisions and new drafts of important standards relating to pool and spa heating.

Following the initial overall heating sector meeting in which it was agreed to review some standards and initiate others, SPASA has since held individual meetings with the different heating segments, and the segment committees have been tasked with various functions to prepare development proposals and fact sheets.

SPASA Australia COO Spiros Dassakis says from an industry point of view it’s very exciting because the industry sectors appear to be on the same page.

“The three committees are pool covers, solar pool heating and heat pumps. On the solar side there are approximately eight committee members, pool covers has three, and heat pumps also has eight. The gas standard was under review by Standards Australia and the industry will be provided with an updated standard for public consultation shortly,” he says.

“After the action items are done in terms of fact sheets and the development of project proposals, and once they come back in final draft form, the committee will meet again to determine the final proposals to be considered by standards Australia as viable projects.”

“By August we may be in a position to move forward,” he says.

Caption: The first general heating sector meeting to get the proposals underway


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