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Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia launched

August 11, 2011
SPASA Australia representatives

One of the pool and spa industry’s major impediments in getting the ear of the Federal Government and their agencies has been the fact that the associations are state based.

That fact has made it difficult to reach some bodies in an environment with increasingly harmonised national laws, and has made it difficult to lobby on behalf of the industry. For this reason, there has long been a call for the formation of a national body.

In October 2010, SPLASH! alerted our readers to the impending establishment of a national industry body.

That has now eventuated with the formation of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA Australia).

SPASA Australia will be the peak body for the swimming pool and spa industry nationally, bringing together the existing state associations under a federal body.

Its main aim will be to act as the point of contact between the industry and the Commonwealth Government. The association will also aim to address important industry and community issues including:
– Australian Standards and safety;
– Workplace occupational health and safety;
– Water and energy conservation; and
– National training and licensing standards.

Every state SPASA president automatically becomes a director of the SPASA Australia board. The Honorary Board Chairman is Manfred Wiesemes.

“This new association-of-associations brings together the SPASA organisations in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia,” Wiesemes says.

“The industry contributes enormously to the national economy, and must be heard. SPASA Australia was formed because the industry recognised the need to address safety, environmental and regulatory issues in a coordinated manner. We also recognised that the Commonwealth Government prefers to consult with national peak bodies on regulatory issues.”

“We believe that owning a swimming pool or spa is part of the lifestyle that Australians from all walks of life aspire to own and enjoy. The backyard pool is one of the most iconic of Australian images, even The Lodge has one.”

Wiesemes says that the board looks forward to working with the stakeholders and regulators to make sure the Australian dream of owning a pool or spa continues to be part of our lifestyle.

The formation of the national body does not affect existing relationships members have with their state associations.

Brendan Watkins is the Company Secretary of the newly formed association. For more information call (03) 9872 4502 or email


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