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The Cleardeck advantage

September 6, 2011

Many people do not like the look of a pool cover either on or off their pool, but the Cleardeck System is a design that removes this aesthetic objection.

Conventional solar blanket reel systems can clutter your deck, obstruct your view and be difficult and cumbersome to operate, but Cleardeck’s revolutionary single person system is amazingly simple to use, easily extending and retracting in less than 60 seconds.

The patented design of the Cleardeck System is the only one of its kind in the world.  The revolutionary system takes the hassle out of using and storing your pool blanket, and as an added bonus saves you time and money.  Your pool will be warmer, cost less to run and use fewer chemicals which is good for the environment and your bank account.

The Cleardeck System is a pool cover roller that is concealed in a rigid PVC cylinder that is installed underground at the end of a pool covered by an inconspicuous ground level lid.  Easily installed in any new and most existing pools of a wide range of shapes and sizes, the system has no motors, tracks, cables or pulleys.

Only the narrow strip of the anodized aluminium lid can be seen above the ground, which is safe to walk on and removes the common objection to pool covers that lie around on the ground.

The Cleardeck System is distributed by Waterblade Australia at 39 Berriman Drive, Wangara.  For more information contact Waterblade Australia on 08 9408 0955 or visit www.cleardecksystems.com.au


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