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May 8, 2019

The digital version of SPLASH! 123 has been published. As well as all the latest news and products, the April-May edition (SPLASH! 123) features:

Spa market going swimmingly

SPLASH! spoke with some of the key players in the local spa market and found that wellness is becoming an important selling point, and that swimspas are starting to take the market by storm – with a number of exciting innovations in that segment.

New concept provides economical aquatic centre heating and cooling

Renewable energy consultant Derek Harbison offers a combined heating and cooling idea that is new to Australian aquatic centres, but provides the potential for immense energy savings.

Heat recovery supplies “free” energy for aquatic centre

The Warwick Aquatic Centre in Queensland benefited from replacing its existing heating system with new efficient pool heating, heat recovery and air handling systems.

Welcoming water in residential highrise

Celebrated Sydney architect Koichi Takada explains the importance of water in his highrise residential designs, and talks about the evolution of architecture in our changing cityscapes.

Old hands create new supplier model

Long-time pool and spa industry leader Peter Wallace has started up a new business, based on supplying a niche range of reliable, inexpensive and connectable products.

Swimming with birds and dragonflies

The challenge for English couple Kate and Ben Brown was to create a swimming pool that complements the natural environment of their idyllic Oxfordshire property.

Avoiding workplace conflict

Lize Van der Watt explains what causes conflict in the workplace, and offers practical steps on how to catch it early and avoid it damaging your business.

Avoid the nine dysfunctional leadership behaviours

Women in Leadership keynote speaker Ros Ronning outlines the dysfunctional behaviours leaders adopt, and offers a strong dose of reality to address the behaviours and make your business healthy again.

Joint report on Victorian public pools

This broad snapshot of the industry is intended to enable better tracking and comparison of key metrics such as industry size, breadth and social/economic value and improve analysis,evaluation and decision making.

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