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The self sufficient pool

October 20, 2010
SPASA Queensland has introduced an accreditation program to encourage and acknowledge pool owners and prospective pool buyers who want to enjoy (or continue to enjoy) the domestic lifestyle that goes with having a swimming pool – while not using a drop of precious tap water.

By embracing the concepts of the Queensland Water Commission (harvest, store and use other water) and then taking them a step further, SPASA Members in Queensland have developed and tested new pool construction methods to ensure that the water required during construction for the initial fill of the pool and the subsequent top-ups do not come from the domestic water supply. Using post construction techniques, most older pools can also be retrofitted with water saving devices and become self sufficient.

SPASA members and their customers will save around 400 million litres of drinking water in South East Queensland per year in new pool construction alone. SPASA says that by using these methods, the home owner can have a “self sufficient” swimming pool, and also a surplus of non-potable water to wash the car, boat or dog, and water the garden.

A SPASA Accredited EcoPool plaque will be issued to each new or existing swimming pool owner (new or old) who complies with the water saving and water consumption factors identified by the SPASA-appointed assessor – so everyone is aware that a Self-Sufficient Swimming Pool is on the premises.


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