The SPLASH! Environmental Awards 2012

July 12, 2013


2012Duncan_ArmstrongThe 2012 SPLASH! Environmental Awards were celebrated at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, hosted by Olympian Duncan Armstrong who thoroughly entertained the audience with tales of Olympic glory and being coached by Laurie Lawrence.





The major winners were:

2012SutersThe SPLASH! Project Award went to: Suters Architects for the Noble Park Aquatic Centre
This Melbourne refurbishment features a co-generation unit that provides heat and power for the centre, while 30 solar panels provide hot water for the pool. The filtration systems includes air-scouring – saving 25 per cent of backwash water – while the old pool shell was converted into a massive 700,000-litre rainwater storage system, supplying water for the centre and landscaping.



2012daveyThe SPLASH! Product Award went to: Davey for the Powermaster Eco
This eight-star brushless-DC three-speed pump is also economically priced, which means it can make a greater impact on the market by encouraging consumers to purchase energy-efficient pool equipment. Additionally, the reduced costs associated with running the pump will save consumers more money into the future.







Pool Shop Award Joint Winner: Poolside Beaconsfield
The judges were impressed by the promotional activity this pool shop undertook, in particular the “green bags” initiatives, specific information nights on environment friendly products and articles written for local newspapers on the subject.

Pool Shop Award Joint Winner: Rainwise
This pool shop also used the media but in a different form – the radio and social media – as well as letter campaigns to both local businesses and consumers explaining rebates and the benefits of environment-friendly products.

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