The Water Issue of SPLASH! is now online

March 11, 2020

Edition 128 of SPLASH! is now online.

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This issue features:

Saving water – the lifeblood of the swimming pool and spa industry

Veda Dante looks at the most valuable resource for the swimming pool and spa industry – water – and what products and processes are helping us preserve it more efficiently.

First Climate Care Certified pool launched

SPASA’s water and energy efficiency label, Climate Care Certified, has reached a milestone with the launch of the first Climate Care Certified swimming pool.

Debunking consumer water myths

SPASA has produced a document called Water, Best Practice and Debunking Myths to help educate consumers about water, and how it relates to the swimming pool and spa industry.

Water and air

After a 12-month break, Cal Stanley is back at the laptop, helping disseminate useful information on hydraulics for pool builders.

Love affair with pools makes for summer’s bestseller

Everywhere you turned this summer, someone seemed to be reading Therese Spruhan’s collection of stories on Australia’s love of the swimming pool.

Mental first aid in aquatic and recreation centres

Tim Gledhill looks at how understanding mental health is important in aquatic centres, not only for the clients but also for staff wellbeing.

Clean water smooths a rock lobsters’ life

Aquaculture uses many of the same principles as the swimming pool industry, and some of the equipment can be interchanged, sometimes requiring only a small tweak.

Industry Snapshot: Elena Gosse

Elena Gosse, CEO of AIS Water, explains how she would like to see more industry collaboration to help promote Australian made products.

Industry Snapshot: Darren Milne

The second in the series of Industry Shapshots this edition is Darren Milne, one of the partners of freshwater sanitisation manufacturer, Naked Pools.

Automate your follow-up

Brett Lloyd Abbott explains how automation in your lead follow-up can help make the most of your time, while keeping your pool prospects interested.

Reinventing the eighties

A new pool and revitalised landscaping helped spark this Byron Bay renovation.

Safely increasing prices

Jon Mailer shows how to fairly raise your prices without putting noses out of joint or losing customers.


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