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Three Sydney aquatics facilities caught in covid web

July 2, 2021

Three aquatics facilities in Sydney have been caught in the covid contact tracing procedures, with patrons and staff who visited or worked at the sites on the specified days required to get tested and self isolate.

Des Renford Swimming Pool

The Des Renford Swimming Pool at Maroubra as a primary exposure site. All staff and patrons who spent time in the pool or reception area on Friday June 25 between 10.45am and 12pm have been told to get tested and isolate for two weeks.

In addition, anyone who was not in the pool but spent extended periods of time in the outdoor pool or gym are considered casual contacts and should monitor closely for covid symptoms.

Bluey’s Bankstown

NSW Health currently advises that anyone who attended Bluey’s Bankstown at any time of the day on Saturday, June 26, is a close contact. They should self-isolate and seek testing immediately, and stay in isolation for a full 14 days, regardless of the result.

Bluey’s says they have provided all the required information to NSW Health, and that their facilities are deep cleaned every night. They are very confident in their COVID Safe Plan.As a number of their key staff are now in isolation following the contact, they will not reopen as planned on Saturday the 10th of July but plan to reopen on Monday the 12th of July.

Bexley Aquatic Centre

NSW Health advises that anyone who attended the Angelo Angestis Aquatic Centre (Indoors) (also known as Bexley Aquatic Centre) between 3.30pm and 4.45pm on Wednesday, 23 June is a close contact – excluding those who were only outdoors.

Anyone who attended between those times but remained outdoors only is deemed a casual contact. Both close and casual contacts should get a covid-19 test as soon as possible.

Centre management says that their BlueFit program has provided all required information to NSW Health and they are very confident in their Covid Safe Plan, adding that all their facilities are deep cleaned each night and the facility is being reported as low-risk.

Public swimming pools must now close until July 10, except for natural swimming pools.

For the latest information and health advice visit the NSW Health website.


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