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Tips And Safety Rules When Swimming

June 29, 2014

According to the Royal Life Saving and its National Drowning Report produces on a yearly basis, in 2014 the number of deaths caused by unintentional drowning was of 266 between the first if July 2013 and 30th of June 2014. The numbers have recorded a 10% drop compared to the 2012/2013 period.15% of the deaths occurred in swimming pools, 21% of the victims drowned as a result of falling into water, while 24% of the people were swimming or sitting in the immediate vicinity of the water before drowning. Many drownings can be prevented by following some very basic safety rules for swimming in pools. Below you will find a few of the most important of tips to remember every time you go swimming.

Learn How to Swim

Formal swimming instruction should be taught to children ages 4 years and older, while teenagers and adults who do not know how to swim should take private lessons and learn to do so. Given the climate in Australia, the largest number of drowning deaths usually occurs during the summer, followed by spring and autumn. During the hottest of days, even people who do not know how to swim feel the need to go to a swimming pool, especially on Sundays, which was reported as the most common day of the week for death by drowning. The restriction of wading and bathing in the presence of a lifeguard are additional measures that have emergency locksmith services in L.A. CAthe power to prevent unfortunate accidents.

Children Need To Be Better Supervised

Children must never be allowed to swim unsupervised by adults as drowning can happen rapidly and silently – at times it takes a little as 2 inches of water. Residential pools are some of the most common places where drowning of children ages 1 to 4 occur. Leaving your child unsupervised for as little at a few minutes can have dramatic effects.

Improve Safety Around The Pool Area

As an adult parent supervising your kid, you need to constantly be alert and vigilant, avoid distractions and take extra preemptive measures such as installing tall pool fences with locks that cannot be opened by small children or even have security cameras installed as part of a CCTV system around the house. This way, you will be able to permanently keep an eye on the pool area even when there no one in or around it. You can easily contract some emergency locksmith services in L.A. CA if you live there and fix the broken pool fence locking mechanism so our small children are not allowed free and unrestricted access to the water without your consent. You should be able to come across a local locksmith offering services on a nonstop basis so you can schedule a service appointment at our desired time and hour so it does not interfere with your regular schedule. You can also have them recommend some additional security measures for the area around the pool and around the house, as domestic accidents are also known to be a leading cause for yearly deaths. 


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