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Together we can swim a lap around Australia

December 13, 2017
Pool events will be held around the country

In January, Swimming Australia will be holding Australia Swims, a nine-day celebration of Australia’s love of water.

In summer Australia’s favourite pastime of swimming comes to the fore, and it’s the time so many personal memories are made at the pool or the beach.

Swimming Australia, together with Optus, wants to encourage all Australians to come together this January, go for a swim and celebrate a quintessential part of the Australian way of life.

To this end, they’ve brought together an array of swimming experiences at – everything from free DJ pool parties to challenging open water swims.

The aim is to get more people swimming and ignite the passion for the sport: at an event, in a pool, at the beach or somewhere else, there are swim experiences to appeal to every Australian, young or old, fast or slow. An experience can be anything: a pool party or an ocean race, even swimming with dolphins!

Lapping Australia

Swims will be tallied over the period of January 20-28, with the challenge set to swim a virtual lap of Australia: that’s 35,877 kilometres!

It’s easy to contribute to the swim, simply pledge a distance you will swim between January 20-28 here.

There are plenty of activities – check out Swimming in a Pool for example, to discover the locations of pool parties, inflatable sessions and carnivals.



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