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UK mother saved by Poseidon pool monitor

March 11, 2015

The Poseidon electronic monitoring system has reportedly aided its first rescue in England.

The Mirror in the UK reports that a potential drowning was averted in a public swimming pool in Essex in February, thanks to the use of the electronic swimming pool monitoring system.

A woman was swimming with her young daughter on her back when she collapsed and sank to the bottom of the shallow end of the main swimming pool at Blackshots Leisure Centre.

The system detected the fact that the woman was not moving at the bottom of the pool and sounded an alarm. The lifeguards then rescued and resuscitated her by the side of the pool, while a swimming teacher on hand rescued the little girl.

The mother was taken to a hospital, where she has since recovered.

See below for a video of the rescue, saved by the system.

The Poseidon system was installed 10 years ago in the pool, and the company believes it is the first rescue in England using the system.
The £75,000 ($AU148,000) computer-aided drowning detection system claims to raise the level of safety for all swimmers and works by analysing the texture, volume and movement of the water.

Alex Blackwell from the Royal Life Saving Society UK says the society supports the use and development of technology that can aid and support lifeguards’ role.

“Technology can put an additional layer of safety in place, supporting the well-trained lifeguard who can rescue and provide first aid in an emergency,” he says in the article.

Poseidon says that since 2000, the system has helped detect and prevent 29 drowning incidents in public swimming pools around the world. There are more than 240 installations in Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia

Maytronics supplies the system in Australia.


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