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Victorian pool technicians now able to operate in Second Step 

October 7, 2020

See latest information on the Victorian restrictions here (posted October 27):

Melbourne lockdown over as Victoria enters Third Step


See information on the Victorian restrictions here (posted October 19):

Pool cleaning freed up as Victorian restrictions ease


UPDATE October 13:

Business Victoria has reiterated the previous advice regarding pool and spa maintenance.

Residential Pools
“In regard to pool maintenance, this is permitted where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or to meet environmental obligations.
Example provided: This would allow pool maintenance in circumstances such as where there is a risk of mosquito-borne diseases or build-up of harmful algae blooms”

Shared Pools
Shared pools in apartment complexes are not permitted to be used by residents. See:
NOTE: Whilst shared pools in apartment complexes are not permitted to be used by residents, they may still require attendance where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or to meet environmental obligations.

Small Scale Construction
In relation to Small Scale Construction, SPASA Australia is continuing to lobby for these activities to commence on 19 October as per the Reopening Roadmap.


On October 1, SPASA Australia received notification from the Victorian government that the swimming pool and spa industry could immediately commence service/maintenance activities. This advice came to SPASA on the back of considerable advocacy on behalf of the industry.

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Business Victoria drafted the details of what will be permissible, including the following changes:
• Pool cleaning for safety or emergency reasons is permissible.
• The customer will need to call the business and say that the pool is unclean and therefore a health hazard.
• The employer/sole trader/franchisee will have to issue a permit (to themselves if they are a franchisee/sole trader).

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions advice is as follows:

“In the recently published Reopening Roadmap, pool cleaning and maintenance has been classified as ‘Repairs, maintenance and cleaning’ and is only permitted to operate for emergency and safety reasons, including essential maintenance, in the Second Step.

“Essential maintenance refers to work that if not performed, would lead to the emergence of substantial safety hazards or risk to the community; this applies to both public and private areas.

“Further details on the reopening process and easing of restrictions related to the repairs, maintenance and cleaning services are being prepared for publication. Please continue to monitor media announcements, the Reopening Roadmap, and subscribe to the Small Business Victoria newsletter to stay informed of any changes or updates. We also recommend you monitor the DHHS website for the latest guidance and restrictions, and how they might impact your business.”

Pool and Spa Service Technicians MUST adhere to all covid-19 requirements and carry with them at all times the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment and relevant paperwork.

Collaborative advocacy

Spiros Dassakis, COO of SPASA Australia, says he is incredibly grateful to have opened dialogue and worked alongside other national associations like the Franchising Council of Australia (FCA) to get the industry’s message across.

“Our combined efforts have been exhausted to serve our greatest asset – the Member,” he says.

Small Scale Construction and Renovations are currently still Restricted until the Third Step – which may activate on October 19 in Melbourne, depending on the requirements being met .

Dassakis says that SPASA Australia will continue to advocate for the construction sector, highlighting that unlike renovations inside the home, swimming pool and spa constructions/renovations occurs away from the house in the backyard where there is no contact or interaction between workers and homeowners.

SPASA Vic has also been lobbying the Victorian government in collaboration with LMVL to lessen the restrictions on the pool construction sector, and has also been advocating for the technicians to be able to carry out essential pool water maintenance.


Spiros Dassakis:

Daena Bougoure-Latchford, Business Development Manager – Vic:


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