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May 24, 2017

Viron Connect Lite range is an entry-level and expandable integrated Pool Automation system that can be simply upgraded to include a full colour touch screen controller and then the AstralPool Internet gateway is easily added to enable full control from the ConnectMyPool app.

Automatic pool systems will help consumers to have their pool always in top condition and ensure a healthy and safe environment for them and their family. Connect Lite range affords two majors advantages for consumers: Peace of mind and comfort.

Viron Connect Lite offers control of up to four colour changing LED lights, timer periods for the filtration pump, chlorinator and lighting and can be expanded to include internet connection for control by ConnectMyPool app from anywhere in the world to maximize consumers’ peace of mind and comfort.

The system offers low-cost automation that integrates with Viron and eQ chlorination system. Viron Connect Lite+, the advance version of the range, gives you an extra added value features thanks to the 4 timers available and 240 Volt outlets to connect extra devices and get a complete control of the pool. It is supplied with a handheld remote control.

Viron Connect LITE is an entry-level and expandable integrated Pool Automation system

More information available in www.astralpool.com.au

  • Low cost automation that integrated with Viron and eQ Chlorination systems
  • Enables colour selection and programming of up to 4 x SLX underwater LED lights
  • Expandable internet gateway and smart phone operation from anywhere in the world
  • Expandable colour touch screen technology
  • Hand held remote control

Remote management affords three major advantages for families: peace of mind, comfort and savings. Users can check that the different pool elements are working properly at all times from the platform’s mobile app and get very interesting parameter and control data on whether chemical product levels are the healthiest and safest or whether water and energy are being used efficiently.

Platform: https://www.connectmypool.com.au/Front/Login.aspx

Mobile App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mypoolremote/id806115619?mt=8 // https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.mypoolremote

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