Water addiction: Vegas reveals its real side

September 9, 2014

According to the CNN, Las Vegas has recently admitted through the voice of its governors that the city is deeply affected by the presence of the water.

Actually, everything in Las Vegas recalls to the idea of water. Waterfalls are artificially created on the front walls of buildings and hotels in order to attract tourists, water games and pools of ever y size and shape are also part of the “water addiction” of Las Vegas.

Fountains and swimming pools

Las Vegas with its numerous luxury hotels is one of the most amazing places in the world as to water games and fountains. Each single hotel in Las Vegas – from the smaller one up to the largest one – features particular water games from fountains that are placed both in front of the hotel entrance and inside the main hall.

This is a strategy to attract tourists and to fight the concurrence – which is really hard at those levels – but it shows also the deep influence of the water element in the Vegas lifestyle.

Swimming pools for hotel guests are offered in the most incredible sizes, different shapes and often surrounded by palms and other plants and trees, to recreate an exotic and appealing atmosphere around the guests.

More swimming pools are external, but there are also internal pools for the winter.

Not only swimming pools

Las Vegas is the city of swimming pools and amazing water fountains. Most architects reaches Vegas in order to work on new projects for fountains and pools each years. But probably, the best offer Las Vegas can give its visitors concerns the casinos.

Hotels have all an internal casino, sometimes even two if the hotel size is pretty large.

Casinos in Vegas are the most relevant symbol of the city all around the world. People who love gambling games book flights to Vegas at least once in their life, but those gamblers who can’t afford a trip to Vegas can still experience a nice casino game at royalvegasonlinecasino.com .

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Feeling royal, playing mobile

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