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Water Park Toys new water cannon design represents the new wave in aquatic toys

June 29, 2012

Kelowna, BC — The ultimate children’s play experience associated with interactive aquatic toys is more accessible than ever with the introduction of three new water cannons developed by Water Park Toys Inc. of Kelowna, British Columbia.

The water cannon is much simpler to install than most aquatic play products, is easy for children to operate and can be used in a wide range of settings from backyard pools to community aquatic centres. Unlike traditional aquatic toys, it can be installed or retrofitted to a new or existing pool or aquatic facility without any alterations to the facility or surrounds, and simply fastens to the ground with four fasteners. It can even be located on a dock above the lake making it a great addition to cottages, cabins and houses located on the water.

The 44 inch (1.11m) high water cannon can be manipulated to spray water up to 25 feet (7.6m) in different directions and comes with interchangeable themed faces which can be custom designed. It is made of durable, long lasting fibreglass and 316 stainless steel accessories and has a 5 year structural warranty.

The 3 new water cannon designs are additions to a line of interactive children’s aquatic toys being developed by Water Park Toys which require no electrical pump or piping to operate.

“Not only is the water cannon easier to install, it has a reduced carbon footprint and provides an interactive option that lets children learn, innovate and be truly engaged in the aquatic experience,” says Craig White, President of Water Park Toys. “In just 20 minutes the water cannon can be installed and the fun begins, whether it’s in your own backyard or a community aquatic facility.”

Water Park Toys was started in 2009 in Kelowna, British Columbia and is dedicated to developing and providing innovative, interactive and educational products that make play both learning and engaging.

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