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Waterco combines electrolysis and hydrogen peroxide to form new pool disinfection method

May 19, 2021

Waterco’s Nick Briscoe says their new disinfection product, Oxi Swim, is a revolutionary breakthrough in water treatment technology as it combines electrolysis with hydrogen peroxide to form a bacterial killing weapon.

Briscoe, who is also the inventor behind Waterco’s Hydroxypure, says the combined power of two sanitisers provides an oxygen-rich swimming environment that is highly efficient in neutralising pathogens.

“Oxi Swim takes sequential disinfection to the next level with multiple layers of pathogen deactivation taking place to ensure the ultimate protection for swimmers at all times,” he says. “The system also produces a long-lasting residual effect, so swimmers are protected even when it is not running.”

He says it also prevents biofilms from flourishing, a first for prime disinfection, helping reduce sanitiser demands and improving water quality.

Furthermore, he says Oxi Swim’s flexible system helps reduce operating costs for commercial pools that close during school holidays or Christmas, for example.

“Instead of running the system on hydrogen peroxide during the off season or public holidays, switching over to Oxi Swim sanitiser significantly reduces chemical costs,” says Briscoe. “Running alternative sanitisers from time to time also prevents pathogens building resistance to the sanitiser used most often in the pool.”

SPLASH! will bring a commercial case study on this new sanitiser in the next edition of the magazine.

CAPTION: Nick Briscoe with the Oxi Swim system


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