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Chlorine-free swimming

April 1, 2013

watercoHydroxypureHybrid Ozone + hydrogen peroxide combine to produce swimmer, eco and pool friendly solution

International water treatment and swimming pool solutions manufacturer Waterco Ltd has created a unique, world first chlorine free pool system. The new system is great news for those looking for a real alternative to chlorine, as it’s salt free, odourless, free of taste and you don’t need to shower after swimming.

“We believe it’s the most significant innovation in pool water treatment in 20 years,” says Bryan Goh, Waterco director. “It’s like swimming in natural spring water. Plus it is gentle on the skin and eyes.”

The system uses the Peroxone Treatment Process (PTP), a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) and Ozone, which is designed to improve the efficiency of the sanitisation process.

And the result is a swimming pool that’s totally chlorine free and enriched with oxygen, with major benefits for swimmers, the environment and the pool itself. The only by-product of the chemical reaction is water.

The chlorine free system created by Waterco has been designed to cope with some of the demanding environments that we face in Australia.

“With Waterco’s PTP system, we have taken advanced technology that has revolutionised the treatment of drinking water, simplified it and applied it to treating swimming pool water,” says Goh.

The Peroxone Treatment Process is known as the new treatment process of the 21st century because of the ability of the PTP reaction to remove all of the bacterial threats, far superior to other oxidation processes currently available to the swimming pool market.

“In our atmosphere, H2O2 is naturally produced when UV light strikes the oxygen in the presence of moisture. Hydrogen peroxide is basically water with an extra oxygen molecule. Water and Oxygen are the most necessary elements of human life, so to use Hydrogen Peroxide in a swimming pool/spa seems only natural,” explains Goh.

“If kept to low levels of concentration, H2O2 can actually promote a healthy environment for living tissue. In a pool or spa, Hydrogen Peroxide does this by oxygenating and cleansing the skin.

“Our PTP control unit maintains adequate levels of Hydrogen Peroxide to be retained within the swimming pool, automatically adjusting its dosing for high bathing loads, hot weather, rain and pool top ups.”

Waterco’s PTP system is an affordable solution that can be installed to new pool installations or easily retrofitted to salt or chlorinated pools. It takes the same time to install as a conventional salt chlorination system. There are myriad benefits of using Waterco’s system including:

– No offensive odours
– Refreshing swim in fresh water environment
– No need to shower after swimming
– No Red Eye Syndrome
– No chemical wastage
– No allergic reactions
– Stain-free splash marks on glass pool fences
– The waste water is safe for use around the garden
– No build up of chemical residuals
– No scale deposits on water line or interior
– No more concerns of adding salt or potentially dangerous by-products into the environment every time you clean or backwash the filter
– Extends life of the pool surface and pool equipment
– Better filtration clarity

Additionally, Waterco’s PTP system will respond to the different demands by automatically adjusting dosing requirements for high bathing loads, hot weather, rain events and when pools are topped up. The pH level will also be automatically adjusted, protecting swimming pools and swimmers from unfavorable swimming conditions and keeping the pool water well balanced.



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