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Natural Swimming Pools: Conventional Pool Conversion

August 24, 2011
Natural Swimming Pools – A Guide for Building

A couple of years ago, SPLASH! gave away a copy of Michael Littlewood’s book Natural Swimming Pools – A Guide for Building. Now Littlewood has a published his third book on natural pools.

In Natural Swimming Pools: Conventional Pool Conversion, Littlewood has devised  a book helping builders and owners convert existing standard swimming pools over to natural swimming pools (NSPs).

This small book, which supplements his earlier works, sets out to show the many benefits of natural pools, how to design and plan an NSP and the basic construction process.

It also includes many inspiring illustrations of completed projects. In combination with his other two books, Littlewood says this 88-page book will help potential converters to proceed with confidence.

For more information go to www.ecodesignscape.co.uk.

The giveaway competition was won by John Hamilton of NSW.



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