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August 27, 2013

Window Energy Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia’s leader in glazing film supply and installation, have recently introduced the Conden Clear Glazing Overlay System as a solution to the problem of condensation on indoor pool windows and excessive pool heating costs. As a cast acrylic retrofit double glazing product, it can be easily installed on any existing glazing and greatly improves energy efficiency through the control of heat loss through the glass.

The level of heat loss reduction is far in excess of that achieved by any other retrofit material that can be applied to glazing, including all low E films available. It is an aesthetically pleasing, colour-matched double glazing system which avoids the cost and disruption of reglazing and can include any level of tinting to control glare and incoming heat during summer. Based in Melbourne and Sydney, Window Energy Solutions plan to have the system available nationally soon.

Contact Colin Craig on 0421 809 156 or info@windowenergysolutions.com.au


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